The Smart-Its Project

"Ubiquitous Computing is fundamentally characterized by the connection of things in the world with computation" (M. Weiser)

The Smart-Its project is interested in a far-reaching vision of computation embedded in the world. In this vision, mundane everyday artefacts become augmented as soft media, able to enter into dynamic digital relationships. In our project, we approach this vision with development of "Smart-Its" - small-scale embedded devices that can be attached to everyday objects to augment them with sensing, perception, computation, and communication. We think of these "Smart-Its" as enabling technology for building and testing ubiquitous computing scenarios, and we will use them to study emerging functionality and collective context-awareness of information artefacts.

Smart-Its is a collaboration of Lancaster University, ETH Zurich, University of Karlsruhe, Interactive Institute and VTT. The project is part of and funded in part by the Commission of the European Union, and by the Swiss Federal Office for Eductaion and Science.